International Award for NASS Group’s very own Women Entrepreneur

As the Owner of Ma Maison and General Manager of Artland Interior, Mrs. Feryal Nass was awarded

Manager of Artland Interior, Mrs. Feryal Nass was awarded the “International Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge” during the IWEC conference held between 15-18th of November, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

The IWEC was established in Barcelona 2007, by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce in India/FLO and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Further support was poured in to the steering committee by The US State Department and Cape Chamber of Commerce with the goal of connecting small and mid-size business women owners globally – those who are already in the global marketplace and want to expand and learn from other leaders.

IWEC’s ninth annual conference was held under the banner of “Connecting Women Businesses Globally: Driving Growth through Women’s Economic Participation” wherein Feryal Nass was also a panelist.

The conference, attended by 150 woman entrepreneurs from 35 countries, was aimed at promoting women entrepreneurship on a global scale. Business women from various regions were awarded while Mrs. Feryal Nass and Mrs. Huda Janahi were the only Arab women to win the award this year.

Mrs. Feryal Nass was selected due to her ambition, enthusiasm, board participation, community outreach and support as well being a mentor to other small and mid-size business women owners.

“We are happy to see Mrs. Feryal Nass partake towards women empowerment, and her wins will distinguish and express the leadership quality of our management team members”, a Nass Group representative claimed.