Nass The Group strategy is derived from our mission to make tomorrow a better place.

Our strategy is to achieve sustainable, profitable growth by:

  • Investing in our people and capabilities
  • Building long-term, trusted partnerships
  • Transferring knowledge and skills to new and existing markets so we can expand our services
  • Providing a turnkey high-quality construction capability

Our commitment to being a recognised leader in Health & Safety and in sustainability continues to be an integral part of our strategy for growth.

Providing a safe working environment for all our people and ensuring the safety of those who work with us, or are affected by what we do, is our first priority and fundamental to our wider responsibility of delivering sustainable solutions for our customers that create positive impacts on the environment and on the communities in which we operate.





Advances in technology, equipment automation, data integration, and virtual reality create incredible opportunities in the construction, industrial, manufacturing, marine, trading and services. They equip us to work safer, better, faster, and leaner.

Adding this progress to the tried-and-true processes, honed over centuries, that have delivered the modern marvels of the world is crucial to attracting the next generation of engineers – including system and software engineers – to an industry where they can make the impossible a reality.



The name NASS pays tribute to the late Abdulla Ahmed Nass, the founder of Nass The Group in the 60s of last century. The brand stands for integrity, honesty, quality service, and excellence which remain the pillars of NASS until date.

Accelerating the pace of innovation


Since 1963, Nass The Group has been a pioneer of innovation in the industry. In addition to completing Hundreds of one-of-a-kind projects, we led advances that changed the industry forever.

Nass The Group’s unique expertise in construction, industrial, manufacturing, marine, trading and services in conjunction with a global reach help us anticipate, create, pilot, and quickly implement new ways of doing things. Our huge global supply chain exposes us to the best and most innovative partners.