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NASS and ALBA enjoyed a long perpetual business relation since the 1990’s when Nass – Christiani & Nielsen JV designed and constructed the Alba Jetty. Nass Contracting executed the procurement and construction of Alba Line 5 – Pot line Buildings – Civil package, and Nass Industrial Services acquired the Mechanical Installation of 336 No’s. of Busbars, Pot-Shells & Pot Superstructures. PROVIDING DIVERSITY Diversification has been key to the Company’s sustainable success, and since the business started, it had steadily expanded and diversified into a range of areas, with every division created in order to meet a real industry demand. Today, NASS is an empire of best-in-class companies that employ a dedicated staff of thousands who, together with its steadfast management team, support the group as it adapts and innovates to meet the diverse and changing needs of the region’s construction and industrial sectors. With local know-how and international expertise, NASS has emerged as a foremost player in
the region and a preferred partner of choice to a growing network of suppliers, international EPC contractors, and clients. The founder of NASS The Group and NASS Corporation, the late Abdulla Ahmed Nass, firmly believed that if a company does not change, it cannot survive and therefore the leadership philosophy of NASS has always been one of flexibility and adaptation. We remain fluid in the way we structure our organisation, and in the way, we approach our business, which ensures that we have the ability to respond to changing customer and market needs’ fast.

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